Eye Candy Service Descriptions

Information for Voucher Customers. 

Please, read before you purchase!


Oh, Sweet Baby Set:   

This set is designed to blend with existing eyelashes that already stand out. We will apply eyelash extensions that will blend in with  your natural lashes to a gentle curl.. Average is 30 lashes. Must come in 2-2.5 weeks to maintain this look.



Natural Cutie Set

This look is designed to highlight your own lash length and thickness by following the natural design and taper of a natural lash.

We will apply eyelash extensions that are slightly longer (25%) than your own in the center to lift your eye slightly. Later we will taper to the outer and inner corner of your eyelash line.

Average is 40 lashes. Must come in 2-3 weeks to maintain this look.


Mascara Junkie Set:

For the gal that can't leave the house without mascara. This eyelash extension set extends and thickens your eyelashes while lifting your eye at the eyebrow arch to open your eyes. We wil then slightly taper to the inner corner only while extending the outer corner to add the most thickness we can to your lash line. Average is 50 lashes. Must come in 2 - 3 weeks to maintain this look.



Curly Sue Set:

Always curling your lashes to the point of no return?, This set is for you. We will design a bold and curly set of eyelash extensions sure to turn heads!  This set is not recommended for round eyes.Average is 60 lashes. Must come in 2 - 3 weeks to maintain this look.



Bombshell Beauty Set


This look is designed to be noticed. You must have naturally dense lashes to achieve this look. This eyelash extension set adds length and uses your natural density to complete this bold look. Average is 70 lashes.

Must come in 2-3 weeks to maintain this look.



Not, Daddy's Little Girl Set


Say Goodbye to the name, Daddy's little girl. This eyelash extension set is for length and volume. You must have naturally dense lashes to achieve this look. Average is 80 lashes and up. Must come in 2 weeks to maintain this  look.




Mink Sets are done in half and full sets. 



Mink Upgrade


Mink upgardes provide a  lighter natural looking eyelash extension application.




Relash appointments are based on initial set applied and are available at 40,50 or 60 lashes per eye.


Relash - Other Salons


We will do our very best to apply our eyelash extensions over anther salons' lashes, if it is safe to do so. Please be aware this is not always the case. In this rare instance, we may choose not to perform the relash. If we proceed, please understand you have less than one hour for your appointment and may not get the full desired look you expected.




Removal is not common however, the price for removal is based on time to remove the eyelash extensions. $35.00 hour.



Teeth Whitening 


Teeth Whitnening in 15 or 30 minute Increments




Spray Tan by FAKE BAKE


Full Body or Just Legs ! Lasts about 7-14 Days